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I Tried On Six of the Most Popular Blazers And Found One Clear Winner

The perfect addition to any closet...
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I've long considered a flattering black blazer as essential to (if not more so) a wardrobe as a little black dress. The right blazer can lend a "cool girl" vibe to nearly any outfit, making it look instantly polished and pulled-together. After polling friends and online reviews, I recently purchased six blazers to try each on in the search of the perfect black blazer. What I found is that several had a tendency to look too professional, and more "pencil skirt" than "vintage jeans," but I landed on two clear winners that are flattering, chic, and give the perfect amount of structure to the timeless look of vintage denim and a band tee. Read on for my takes on six popular black blazers, and my two favorites: 


My first thought when trying this blazer on was that it felt a little cheap, and that’s never a good sign. Although it’s a low price point, there are a lot of other blazers that I feel beat out this one in quality. Overall, the fit is fine, but it definitely bunches when buttoned, even though it’s my regular size. In general, it just simply doesn’t feel luxe, so I would recommend against buying this blazer.


I was expecting more from Everlane. This blazer feels very reminiscent of my starter, interview suit. It’s very corporate and career forward. There’s nothing wrong with the quality, but it doesn’t work for my type of black blazer styling. If you’re looking to wear this to work instead of with a graphic tee though, this is a great bet.


I feel like everyone once owned this blazer as their “starter blazer” in 2005. Immediately when I put it on, it does feel the most luxe, which makes sense given the price point. However, the sleeves look too short, rather than intentional, and the price doesn’t quite feel worth it to me. Maybe wait for a super sale or opt for the Target version for the classic look.


A New Day is my favorite label at Target currently, and this blazer did not disappoint. It fit super well and hugged my curves in all the right ways. I really like the striped interior and appreciate that there is zero pulling when it’s buttoned. This is just a solid, classic blazer, at an unbeatable price point.


I instantly loved this blazer. It has lapels similar to a tuxedo and actually reminds me of an Elizabeth & James blazer that I bought years ago (at a much higher price point)! I love the ruched sleeves and longer jacket length as an update on the traditional blazer look. The fabric is definitely the thinnest of all the blazers I tried on, but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s great if you’re looking for a jacket to wear in warm weather. If you have a bigger bust and plan on buttoning it, I would size up, otherwise, it’s an excellent, budget-friendly option.

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Okay, so this was the clear winner for me. It’s similar to the ASOS option but better. I love how much room there is, the slouch of the jacket, and the tuxedo lapel. Even better, is that there is no button, so I won't be struggling with sizing for my bust. I feel effortlessly cool in this one and can pair it with all of my jeans, so I’ll definitely be keeping this one. 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.