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How to Style the Clips You've Been Seeing Everywhere

My 3 go-to ways to up any outfit.
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When Leslie visited Copenhagen last September, she took note of the oversized glittery hair clips that seemed to be everywhere, in a decidedly cool girl take on what was once reserved for Blair Waldorf. She stocked up on them then there, but it took another year for the trend to make it stateside. These days, hair clips are no longer a statement piece, but an effortless way to complete any outfit. The key is to not make them feel too stylized, but more like a last-minute accessory you threw on in the car to keep your hair out of your eyes. Here are three of my favorite, fool-proof ways to style hair clips now: 


For a quick, thrown-together look, I love to add a feminine twist with this large pearl barrette. The key is to avoid looking too done-up. If you want a lip color, pick a stain, and reach for a tee over a frilly, white blouse. The mix of a more low-key, androgynous outfit with the ultra-feminine clip will give you the cool vibes you're looking for. 

Pearl Bobby Pin Set, Doen Top (similar here)

Pearl Bobby Pin Set, Doen Top (similar here)

Since so many clips are sold in sets, it only makes sense to wear more than one at a time. I love how the parallel clips rest in hair, especially with Leslie's long waves. Even though the pearl is feminine, Leslie's laid-back style, combined with the clips, creates an incredibly chic moment. It's both girly and unique, and instantly elevates any simple outfit. Sometimes more is more.


When these shell clips arrived for the Shop, after months of waiting for them, we all freaked-out and channeled our inner-Sloan and clipped several into our hair. Begrudgingly, we decided that wearing multiple shell clips at once was a little too Ariel, but we did find the chicest way to pull back our hair, without needing a hair tie. Kelly wrapped her long hair into a french knot, then secured the hair at the base of the bun with a shell clip. This surprising twist is fun without being too youthful. Plus, you can do this hairstyle with pretty much any hair length. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.