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How My Approach to Fashion has Changed Over the Years

From fast fashion faux pas to investment-worthy pieces.
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How My Approach to Fashion Has Changed Over the Years1

My blog is coming up on ten years, which means I've been documenting my fashion choices for just as long. Of course, this can be slightly embarrassing, but it's also a great reminder of how my fashion has evolved. Coming from the girl who wore whatever was trending at Forever21, I've learned a lot over the years. Because of that, I wanted to share five of the most important changes I've noticed:

How My Approach to Fashion has Changed Over the Years-1-01

Whenever I see a hard-to-wear trend working on someone else, I'm always tempted to go out and buy it, but it's all about finding silhouettes that complement your own body. As someone with a large bust, I've learned that boxy shift dresses make me look much larger than I actually am. I also love the look of a crew neck or turtleneck, but as good as they look on Pernille Teisback, they emphasize my chest in a way that makes me uncomfortable. My go-to's? A cinched waist and a slight v-neck—a combo I wear over and over, often in the form of a wrap dress.

If I'm dying for something that doesn't necessarily work with my body, there are a couple of styling tricks I turn to. To fake a cinched waist, I do a loose tuck in the frontbelt it, or dress in monochrome. If those tricks still don't work, it's simple: I don't buy/wear it. 

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For a long time, I was flippant about how my closet looked. If something was slightly dirty, I would hastily hang it back up, usually inside out—and I definitely didn't color-coordinate anything. I also tried to fit as much as possible on a single hanger to avoid purchasing more (three shirts work on one hanger, right?). Let's not even talk about my mismatched hangers and shoe storage situation

Now, the pieces I love are easier to find. I group colors together, have a portion dedicated to my favorite blouses, bought plenty of good, matching hangers, and take the time to properly steam and hang up pieces. Most importantly though, I kept things to a minimum.

A closet can't be curated like a boutique without serious editing. When it comes to editing your wardrobe, do it frequently and mercilessly. Go back to the boutique rule. If it's stained, no longer in good condition—or worse—something you'll never end up wearing, donate or sell it.

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When I was on a tighter budget, I couldn't imagine spending $100 on a piece of clothing. Instead, I'd find ways to justify 10 trendy, non-quality items (only $7.99 for blouse?! Count me in!). Unsurprisingly, when I look back at the things I purchased then, the only items I still have in my closet are, for the most part, those that I saved up to buy. Even though they were more expensive, they've lasted so much longer than the pieces I essentially threw my money away on for a wear or two.

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No matter what you're wearing, if you don't come across as confident and comfortable, that will show more than anything else. It goes back to that saying your mom probably told you about "faking it until you make it" and I've found that my own insecurities melt away when I don't let anyone else see them—and often times, I end up feeling better once I've adjusted my mindset. Bottom line: if you don't love something you're wearing, either change out of it or shift your perspective (you're probably the only one noticing whatever imperfections you see anyway).

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I play a lot of roles on any given day. As a wife, mother, and business owner, it's imperative for me to have go-to transitional pieces that I know I can wear from school drop-off, to the office, then to dinner. When buying an item these days, especially if it's an investment, I brainstorm 5+ ways I can wear that piece before making the purchase. This results in fewer trendy pieces and more I actually reach for on a weekly basis.

How have your fashion choices evolved over the years? Let me know in the comments, below!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.