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Holiday Party How-To: Part 3

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  Since I've already provided some economical options for




fit for holiday parties, today's focus is on the finishing touches. Accessories are great for tying together an outfit and adding that special touch that will turn a boring LBD into a stunning ensemble.

Hair Accessory

: Urban Outfitters

Crystal Plumage Hair Clip

, $24. I would throw my hair up in a messy bun and pull back a couple of strands with this sparkly feather clip.

Bright Baubles

: Anthropologie

Fresh Fruit Posts

, $32. With a strapless dress, these deliciously vibrant earrings would make a refreshing statement.

Embellished Clutch

: Forever 21

Rio Exotic Beaded Clutch

, $24. This screams I-found-this-in-my-grandmother's-attic with its embellished bead work and a cross-body chain.

Necklace Ice

: Banana Republic

Geometric Gem Necklace

, $89. I love the architectural shape of these deep green gems that would add such a lovely glow.

Lacy Tights


Skein & Hook Tights

, $18. Not only would these help keep you warm, but the delicate crochet pattern is exquisite.

Snake Cincher

: TopShop

Metal Snake Belt

, $70. The subtle snake buckle on this thin gold belt is a quirky touch to a formal outfit.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.