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Holiday Party How-To: Part 1

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Holiday parties are one of the biggest perks of the winter season, but finding the right outfits for them isn't always as easy. Whether your concern is dressing according to specific invitations (what does cocktail festive really mean?) or a matter of financial burdens, I've dedicated three posts that tackle these issues. Since anyone can saunter into Barneys or Bergdorfs and find a smashing dress, I took it upon myself to come up with six of my favorites, all for under $130.


: TopShop

Drop Waist Dress

, $80. This just screams old Hollywood glamor in this pale pink hue that would look incredible with some sparkly heels (a perfect option will appear in tomorrow's post).


: Forever 21

Sequin Sprinkle Dress

, $27.80. This is the ultimate party dress with flashy detailing and a slim silhouette. I'd pair this with a colorful matte clutch.


: TopShop

Prom Dress

, $80. The jewel-encrusted neckline means no necklace necessary! A flirty ponytail would finish the look flawlessly.


: Forever 21

Extend Pleat Dress

, $24.80. The waist-cinching belt and well-proportioned pleats make this little cranberry number a must-have. I'd wear it with some hammered gold hoops (I just bought the perfect pair I'll share in the accessories portion on Friday).


: dELiAs

Carolyn Dress

, $49.50. I love that this basic black dress that's set apart by its cascading ruffles. A superlong strand of pearls would give this a wonderfully retro vibe.


: Max & Cleo

Ruffle Neck Dress

, $127. This is a great option for a work event where you need to look nice, but you don't want to appear stuffy. Throw on a jeweled headband to complete the look and to add a dash of sparkle to your hair. Coming tomorrow: Shoes

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.