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High Hat


Sometimes I feel as though every trend is taken to the extreme when it comes to L.A. As soon as gladiator sandals became popular, outrageous versions snaked up women's thighs all over town. And take skinny jeans, for example. While this style does no favors for the majority of women who wear them, we continue to pour ourselves into the tapered legs, hoping they'll look the same on us as they do on Mary-Kate. But, my favorite illustration, of course, is the fedora. While it's a very practical accessory, these little hats have completely inundated the city. Though I've never thought I could pull off this look, I much prefer the simple straw, instead of the gray or flannel versions. The picture of Michelle Williams is my favorite I've seen, with her relaxed dress and plain ballet flats. As always, dELiA's has a fantastically uncomplicated version, that even I'm swooning over. For only $19.50, the

Evelyn Straw Fedora

will make for the perfect pool companion, with a black grosgrain ribbon and just the right amount of coverage.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links