In my closet, I've dedicated an entire box to hold all of my headbands. Though it's been overflowing for months with satiny ribbons and beaded bandeaus, I simply can't resist new styles. That's why, when I spotted two headbands this weekend that embraced my favorite trends for Fall with lace and feathers, I swiped both of them up without hesitation. Inspired by the insipidly whiny Kenley, from Project Runway, I couldn't help but mimic her style when I saw this Flapper Headband at Shop Intuition. Made of bright green and blue plumage, it adds such an elaborate element to a regular ponytail. I bought this black, lacy headband from a woman who made them by hand at the flea market. A crafty person could have whipped this up in mere minutes, I'm sure, but I absolutely adored the intricate details of the fabric, not to mention its brilliant indigo hue. Of course, I've already got my eye on my next purchase and think this, this and this are great!