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Head Gear

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For those of you who also cringe when you see the words 'head gear,' I understand your pain. I had to wear a metal contraption for quite some time, and it thoroughly elongated my 7-year awkward streak. Luckily, this post is about hair accessories, and not traumatic teeth straightening systems. If you also have trouble dedicating a substantial amount of energy every morning to fussing with your hair, here are some of my favorite solutions for when too much time has elapsed between washes.

Day 1:

Slightly Slick

Since any unfavorable hair issues should be pretty minimal at this point, this

Feather Hair Comb

is an ideal option. By gathering just a small section of hair, this will instantly create an ethereal, Bohemian style.


Day 2:

Grease Monkey

This substantial

Knotted Silk Headband

, from Anthropologie, provides adequate coverage in a beautiful blend of sunset-inspired colors. The intertwining silk will be sure to distract from any other hair issues with which you may be dealing.


Day 3 (or 4 or 5):

Dirty Harry

To avoid any potential confusion regarding the formation of dreadlocks, it's always best to keep your hair pulled back after several days of no washing. Jennifer Ouellette's

Floral Pony Holder

has a gemstone floral ornament, which ensures you won't look like you're on your way to gym, and instead will look sleek and fashionable.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.