Garden Party White

A "three-piece" ensemble in one elegant jumpsuit.
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I love wearing neutral monochromatic pieces—the blank palette opens up the design process to more structural, surprising, architectural details. In creating this white jumpsuit, I wanted something ethereal that could be worn to a daytime party (some of my favorite clothing ideas come from actual events I need to dress for.) To create the look, we used a lightweight, flowy fabric (making sure it was thick enough to not be see-through), paired with a cinched, elastic waist with the top flowing over. My favorite detail is in the back, opening to show just a hint of the criss-cross white straps. From the front it could be a blouse paired with high-waisted pants, from the back, it could be suspenders, overalls, and/or a jumpsuit with a top. I could be all of those things in one. Paired with a simple, oversized clutch and nude heels, it's a great piece for a springy daytime event.