Fuschia Florals

A cocktail dress for all of your summer events.
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The older I get, the more I hear my friends complain about "wedding season." There's the issue of airfare, running into awkward high school flings, bridezillas (I've even witnessed a few "bridesmaid-zillas"), and the ever-present question of what to wear. It's true that these things can sometimes detract from the ceremony itself—but at least I have the "what to wear" part down at this point. The short answer is: You can't go wrong with a beautiful cocktail dress. This crocheted dress is a perfect example: The plunging neckline and above-the-knee hem is flirty without going overboard, the flower print is bold, but not so much so that you'll outshine the bride, and the crocheted detail makes it special enough to stand out against the sea of other plain dresses. Add a punchy pink lip (don't forget to slip the tube in your clutch) and you're ready to celebrate.