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Forgotten Silver

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There's nothing more frustrating than mapping out an entire flea market outing and then leaving practically empty handed. This past Sunday, I had all the right materials: my ridiculously small, yet functional cross-body bag, light layers, comfortable vintage boots and a detailed list of what I wanted to find. Instead, I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of things I now wish I had bought.


The main entrance (I would have cropped out the creepy clown had I noticed him the first time).


I now realize how cute one of these patterned knits would have looked with some tights and lace up boots.


I think a bunch of these vintage, mismatched crosses would look amazing on a bathroom wall.


I'm usually reluctant to buy any designer goods at flea markets, but how can you not love these neutral flats with black-tipped toes?


Wouldn't one of these colorful Mexican dresses make for a perfect outfit for a Summer picnic?


I want to start collecting these bubble glass saucers to store earrings and other odds and ends. Plus, they're pretty enough to leave out on the counter.


I'm still kicking myself for not swiping up these brown, lace-up boots.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.