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Flea Market Philosophy

Urban Outfitters Blouse, Vintage skirt, Calf hair bracelet, Michael Kors pumps, OPI Red Nail Polish

Urban Outfitters Blouse, Vintage skirt, Calf hair bracelet, Michael Kors pumps, OPI Red Nail Polish

As most of my readers can attest, I'm a huge aficionado of Flea Markets. This Sunday, I visited a popular one in West Hollywood and since I walked away with a bunch of great new things, I thought I'd share some of my secrets to success.


avoid: fake bags embrace: vintage fabrics in classic shapes 1. Do some research. Before you go, look for inspiration from magazines, blogs and online stores. This way, you can get an idea of what it is you're looking for. 2. Make a list. Even though you might not stick to everything, it helps limit the random purchases like that vintage salt shaker or broom. 3. Dress appropriately. Since there are no dressing rooms, it's important to wear thin layers (I usually start with a short slip) so you can throw on a dress or skirt and can still get a good feel for whether it fits. Also, bring a thin pair of socks so you can try on shoes without acquiring some sort of foot fungus. 4. Scope out the good vendors. This might sound a bit obvious/creepy, but when you're new to a Flea Market, follow wherever there are young, fashionable girls. This ensures that you'll find chic pieces at affordable prices. 5. Bargain. No prices are final. Think of how much you'd be willing to pay before asking its the vendor for the price. This will help you decide whether it's truly worth it or not. Remember, being courteous is always appreciated and will really go far when you're trying to negotiate a price. 6. Quality check. Even though you're on the look out for vintage pieces, make sure they're still in good condition. If you're searching for a pair of boots, check the soles, the feel of the leather and the overall color. They should be a bit worn since that adds to their appeal, but never falling apart. 7. Spend wisely. Most of us aren't used to carrying around a large chunk of cash anymore, so try not to let it burn a hole in your pocket. Come up with a limit you'd be willing to spend and don't bring any more than that. What I bought (photos to come soon of the other things not pictured): -Horse-patterned skirt (part preppy, part dorky but its possibilities are endless) -Foiled calf hair bracelet (an amazingly sensual addition to a wrist) -Vintage lace (planning to make some hair pieces/necklaces out of them) -Slouchy black boots (can be folded down so they're versatile and comfortable) -Bull necklace (an homage to my Taurus roots) Total spend: Not entirely sure, but I didn't go over my $100 budget. As always, I welcome any questions!


Products in this post may contain affiliate links