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Flea Market Finds

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Thanks to all of the rave reviews from my lovely readers, I finally saw 'Sex and the City' with two of my best friends. As predicted, I absolutely adored the film. The one downfall, was my obsession with nearly every outfit that Carrie wore, which consequently spiraled into a weekend dedicated to shopping. I don't frequently take pictures of my outfits, nor of my newly purchased items, but based on the curiosity with my flea market finds, I thought I'd share: Yellow has quickly become my new go-to color for summer. Though I already own dresses, jackets and jewelry in this cheery shade, when I saw this mustard-colored belt, I swooped it up immediately. Next, I found this snake-skin clutch in a periwinkle blue. It has such a nice gathering at the top and doesn't require a zipper or clasp since it essentially pops open and shut, which is super convenient. Nic, from She's Dressing Up, raved about Carrie's studded belt in the movie, so once I caught a glimpse on my own, I also needed a similar version. As soon as I saw this golden brown belt, I decided that I was purchasing it, no matter how tight or loose it was. To my surprise, it fit me perfectly and is actually designed to simply hang down, showcasing its shiny, silver studs. As for my plethora of gold chains in the next picture, they're actually all part of just one necklace, held together by a beautifully intricate clasp. Lastly, I bought this sky-blue chiffony dress for its amazing draping at the neck and light fabric that will be great for summer. Though I came home with a lot of great new things, one of the pleasures of flea market shopping is the prices, which I've broken down below: Yellow Belt - $3 Snake-skin Clutch - $12 Studded Belt - $10 Chiffon Dress - $8 Gold Necklaces -$10 Total $43


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.