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Fit for Flight

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The last time I wore a butterfly print was in pre-K, but that just goes to show how long I've had a sweet spot for them. As a grownup, I've reserved them (the only bug I'll ever consider "cute") for younger, whimsical purposes, like decorating the walls in Sloan's room, but this piece caught my eye.

The dress leans into the youthfulness of its print with lace details and a tasseled bow, but thank to a simple silhouette, long sleeves, and muted colors, the overall effect is sophisticated. To take the femininity down one notch, I paired it with a structured black leather clutch—which isn't to say my inner five-year-old self didn't get a thrill from wearing it for an early evening walk through my favorite park.

butterfly4 hero.jpg

Products in this post may contain affiliate links