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Find of the Week

The most darling (and affordable) velvet Mary Janes.
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Last week I had lunch with Phoebe, who worked first as our intern, and eventually as our Art Director, when our office was still in our guest house. One of the best perks of having her on the team was that she has a knack for finding the coolest things from the most diverse array of sources—she recently gifted me a candle sculpted underwater. As a result, whenever I see her now, the first question I'm compelled to ask is usually: "Where did you get that?" As soon as she arrived at our house for lunch, I directed the question at her pair of blue velvet Mary Janes, which offset her vintage Levi's and a simple white top. The simple touch of luxe elevated her low-key outfit into something polished and instantly memorable. When she told me she found them for $10 on Amazon, I couldn't believe it, then thought, Of course she did, because if there's one person I know who could find a chic, velvet shoe for $10 on Amazon, it's Phoebe. Velvet is a huge trend this fall, but it's normally fairly expensive, so I like embracing the buzz in this unexpected and affordable way.

Shop the Item: Mary Janes, available on Amazon
Price: $10.99

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.