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Easing into the anklet trend.
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My love for dainty jewelry knows no bounds, but I never considered myself an "anklet girl," until I came across this one. In looking through Shashi's summer collection, I first picked this out as a bracelet, and had my doubts when I learned it also came in an anklet option. While my inner '90s teenager was thrilled when they made a come-back earlier this year, I left it to Hailey Baldwin and Pernille Teisbaek to rock them (meanwhile, I kept to this). But this anklet has a lot in common with the timeless pieces I veer towards—the gold coloring with white stones are a classic combo, but the fact that it's an anklet gives it a slight edge. I love that it can be paired with heels and flats, but with a completely different vibe. 

Shop the Item Here: Shashi 'Skylar' Anklet 
Price: $88

Shashi Anklet FOTW2
Shashi Anklet FOTW Hero

Products in this post may contain affiliate links