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A faux suede jacket that looks like the real thing.
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In my experience, faux options are rarely as well-designed or as nicely made as their leather counterparts, and often look cheap. In creating a "leather" jacket for my fall line, it was important we made an option that looks just as good as the real thing—no compromise needed. Whether you purchasing faux for moral reasons, or to avoid the steep price of real leather, this "suede" piece is an amazingly soft and breathable alternative. The moto cut feels fresh, and the belt around the lower hem lends a little edginess. Bonus: though I plan on living in the butterscotch color, it also comes in the prettiest powder blue shade that's surprisingly versatile.

Shop the Item Here: Cupcakes and Cashmere Faux Suede Leather Jacket
Price: $145


Products in this post may contain affiliate links