Fee Fie Faux Fur



I've had a long standing (though conflicted) fascination with fur for as long as I can remember. To me, a white fur capelet thrown over an evening gown has always been the epitome of glamor. But, since I'm opposed to wearing the real thing, I was at a standstill since the fake alternatives looked simply that: fake. This season has brought a flurry of new styles that offer a certain grace and ruggedness without the guilt (and hefty price tag). Whether you show a little fur on the rim of your booties or along a playful cap, these options are sure to keep you warm while looking cute.

Hooded 3Q Wool Coat

, Forever 21 - $49.90

Caribou Boot

, Nordstrom - $109.95

Herringbone Bomber Hat

, Forever 21 - $18.90

Fur Cropped Swing Coat

, TopShop -$180

Ace Fur Cuff Ankle Boot

, TopShop - $135

Women's Long Faux-Shearling Coat

- $34.75