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Fashion Through The Years

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It's safe to say my beauty choices through the years have evolved. But, I think the core of my style has stayed intact and I still drift towards the feminine skirts and dresses I loved nearly a decade ago. Though my preference for girly silhouettes has been consistent, it's hilarious to look back and see my interpretation of "feminine" through the lens of a particular trend. There are some cringeworthy choices, but for the most part I remember feeling confident and happy in what I was wearing. As I prepare to start doing outfit shoots again, I'm taking a moment to reflect back on the past seven years. 


2008: This was not only the first year of the blog, but it was a year of many new changes for me. I started my first job in online ad sales, met a boy I was absolutely crazy about, and started to document what I was wearing. It's pretty obvious that I was averse to pants and it may have something to do with the fact that I was dressing for day to night (from work, to client dinners). It also seems that I didn't meet an accessory I didn't like: belts, scarves and beanies finished off just about every look. 

Pictured: Fuchsia FusionScalloped LacePicture PerfectTaking Out the Trash


2009: This year was my very obvious experimental phase. My style ran the gamut from preppy plaids and rain boots to a grunge look that no one would have been proud of. This was a really fun time for shopping because I didn't have a uniform yet, so I'd snatch up whatever appealed to me in the moment. Each outfit was more about a reflection of how I was feeling that day. 

Pictured: Rain or Shine, Indian Summer, Blanket Behavior, Ruffles and Ridges


2010: Theatrics came into play big time this year. I didn't exactly shy away from exaggerated silhouettes (can we talk about my affinity for puffed shoulders and sky-high platform pumps?) 

Pictured: Seeing Stars, Strong ShoulderedAutumn BlueOvercast Sundays


2011: It may have been one too many puffed shoulder tops, but 2011 was much more about streamlined outfits. This is when I started investing in essentials and neutrals. I began to care more about quality over quantity and started shopping more conscientiously instead of throwing my dollars at fast-fashion stores.

Pictured: Striped and Spotted, City Slicker, Back to Black, Well Red


2012: This was the year that I felt a little grown-up. I got married, wrote my first book and I think some of those changes reflected in my fashion choices. I gravitated towards things like structured suits, prim pencil skirts, and oxford button downs. 

Pictured: White Tux, Sequined Shoulder, Buttoned Up, Black Swan


2013: I finally nailed down my "uniform" by this year. I discovered the staples that I kept gravitating to and stuck to the fabrics and colors I loved like lace, leopard, silk, and pared down monochrome. 

Pictured: Blue Meets GreenCasually PolishedOn the Spot, Discovered Lace


2014: It looks like my pant-aversion came back into play this past year. The biggest reason of course, was that I spent the latter half of 2014 dressing around a baby bump. Towards the very end of the year, I rotated the same loose dresses (like my James Perse Dress and Riller & Fount Caftan), roomy tops, and lots of leggings. 

Pictured: Sweatshirts and RufflesBlack Caftan, White and GoldTicking Striped

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.