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Falling for Toffee

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Despite the fact that it's still July, I've been on a mission to find the perfect Fall bag. Obsessive? Perhaps. But I'd rather browse the expansive selection that currently exists instead of trudging around in the rain come October and settling for whatever is still available. I've always been drawn to slightly under-the-radar brands (I've been carrying by Rebecca Minkoff '

Morning After

' bag now for almost a year) and find them far more appealing than ones that have the logo slapped across every square inch. I've been stalking the window display of the Foley + Corinna store on Melrose now for about six months, and finally decided on the

Classic Mid City Tote in Maple

. The leather is buttery-soft and in a toffee color that complements my olive complexion, I was sold. The versatility of the bag is unbelievable, especially for someone as fickle as me. I love how I can hold the sturdy grip at the top, or simply fold it in half and use the long strap to throw over my shoulder. Since there's no way that I'll be waiting until the weather turns to bust out my new bag, I can promise pictures very soon. EDIT: Thanks to the lovely


for the tip that Gap has a wonderfully similar


, made of nylon, for those of you not interested in such an investment.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.