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Everything Our Contributor Jazmine Wore for a Week in Dallas

Plus, her three favorite pizzerias in town.
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Plans for the day (outside of work): Random Monday date with my husband, Jordan!
One thing that went unexpected: Honestly, the date itself! This summer has been a hectic season with family gatherings, unexpected fender benders, and my business gaining more momentum. I can lose myself in wanting to please others, and though I might fight him at the time, Jordan has been a constant support of steadiness and groundedness.
Best part of the day: One of my coaching clients told me she quit her (very toxic) job! I love when my clients are able to understand their needs, even if it's not—especially when it's not—what society deems as acceptable.
What I wore: A basic white tee and pink denim shorts from Forever21, Birkenstocks, and a scrunchie. (Because I'm not a regular Millennial, I'm a cool Millennial.)
Best thing I ate: I have been trying to cure some gut issues, and oh my golly, Thrive Market (Leslie's also obsessed!) has some amazing food! However, this dry riced broccoli didn't completely agree with me. Luckily, Jordan loved it just as much and I was able to let him finish the bag. But if broccoli doesn't upset your stomach—this stuff is GAME CHANGING!

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Plans for the day: Recorded an episode of my podcast and a Peloton workout after taking a good month off the bike.
One thing that went unexpected: The internet went out this day! With limited time to wait for the Internet Gods to bless us with Wi-Fi, I checked out a new coffee shop in our neighborhood, Wayward Coffee.
Best part of the day: Part of what I love about having a podcast is that I learn something from each episode. I interviewed writer Anna Myers about all things freelancing and even her time working for Taylor Swift's publicist (!!!). Our conversation reminded me of the power that comes with asking. One cold email to a publicist led to a huge break in her career.
What I wore: I've been obsessed with the Loft lately! They've been selling a more casual preppy look that's been full of color, character, and comfort. I wore their striped shirt (on sale!) and their khaki shorts, which I affectionately refer to as my "mom safari shorts."
Best thing I ate: To help with some gut issues, I've adopted some of the low FODMAP diet. I found these low FODMAP apple cinnamon muffins from Karlijn's Kitchen.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Coffee and pizza with my coworking officemate.
One thing that went unexpected: I found a sunflower that was taller than me! What?! It was about 6'—and that is something I had never seen before. I felt very ~ manic pixie dream girl ~ in that moment.
Best part of the day: Whenever I get to eat pizza and see girlfriends, that becomes my favorite moment. I loved getting to catch up with my friend (also named Jordan, haha) on the new house she just bought and what life is like for her these days! And pizza was from one of my faves, Pie Tap!
What I wore: I love nothing more than flowy tops and comfy pants! It feels like I'm cheating because it's just as cozy as pajamas. Today, I wore another Loft find and Loft pants. Because I live in Texas, I'm really picky with fabrics. Even cotton can feel heavy. So happy I found a linen top—so light and breezy!
Best thing I ate: Gluten-free veggie pizza! I got it with no goat cheese for health-related reasons, but I highly recommend getting the "full thing" with gluten crust if your stomach can handle it. It's my third favorite pizza in Dallas, behind the Truff Daddy (Cane Rosso) and classic prosciutto and arugula combo (Cane Rosso).

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Plans for the day: Photoshoot with my social media team.
One thing that went unexpected: I had some meetings get canceled for later that week, and my calendar opened up to surprise my mom with a flight home for her birthday over the weekend. I definitely didn't wake up planning to book a last-minute ticket that morning.
Best part of the day: Getting to do a photoshoot with my best friend, Ellen! She got to model as a client for content photos. I really love our friendship and how encouraging we are of one another.
What I wore: A lot of outfits! But my favorite was the khaki shorts and a sweater set from the Loft. (...Yes, it's a minor obsession.) I've never felt at home in a pantsuit or professional workwear, but I've been able to strike a balance with "smart casual." This look made me feel so professional and put-together, but I didn't feel like I had to compromise my style in the process.
Best thing I ate: I celebrated my photoshoot with takeout from Oddfellows. Anything with salmon and radishes is a win for me.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Baby shower brunch for my sister-in-law, Jillian!
One thing that went unexpected: My husband was the photographer for the day, but he forget his camera at home—12 hours away. :) Thankfully, I had a backup camera and lens with me for a separate project. All was well, but I thought, "Dude, you had ONE job!" :)
Best part of the day: Celebrating Jillian's and baby C. Jillian is so calm, and this pregnancy has only made her more grounded and relaxed. I'm really proud to call her my SIL and know she's going to be an incredible mom!
What I wore: My sister-in-law Jillian's favorite color is purple. It's a die-hard obsession and the first thing I think of when thinking of her. I had to run to Target and find something in her favorite hue of purple to really show my love for her. I bought this flutter-sleeve dress, and I loved how it fit. I thought it photographed well and was super comfy!
Best thing I ate: My mother-in-law has been perfecting her cinnamon bun recipe for over a month in preparation for Jillian's baby shower. It's her first grandchild, and I think she was stress-baking. (But I'm not complaining.) 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.