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Everything Emily Wore for a Summery Week in L.A.

Plus arguably the best salad in the city.
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Plans for the day (outside of work): Morning hike with a friend, a meeting with our interior designer to go over kitchen/bathroom progress, unpacking after our trip to Northern California, grilling outside for dinner.
One thing that went unexpected: I woke up before 5am with a ton of energy, so I plowed through a bunch of emails before my family woke up.
Best part of the day: Reviewing new jewelry samples with the team - there are some INCREDIBLE pieces I can't wait to introduce this fall/holiday season!
What I wore: A floral printed dress by BB Dakota (on sale) and my Beatrice Valenzuela slides (affordable version here).
Best thing I ate: Our dinner. It's a grilled salad we've been making a lot since we've been renovating our kitchen. A bed of flavorful lettuce topped with charred corn, avocado, grilled shrimp in a spicy marinade, avocado and fresh peaches.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Meeting up with a friend for drinks, making a ton of returns (one of my least favorite errands), cleaning my office.
One thing that went unexpected: Watching a car get T-boned right in front of me on my way home. I pulled over to help and luckily everyone was fine, but it was pretty scary. 
Best part of the day: Having Sloan help me with work in the morning. She organized jewelry and it was such a lovely way to spend time together while also being productive.
What I wore: Reformation dress (similar here), Clergerie slides (similar style here and affordable option here).
Best thing I ate: Cheese plate with rosé.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Morning walk with a friend, a trip to Target (sometimes it's the little things?), dinner with friends at Sunset Tower.
One thing that went unexpected: I got through my massive to-do list with time to spare!
Best part of the day: Catching up with friends at one of our favorite old haunts.
What I wore: Cupcakes and Cashmere dress (one available here), By Far sandals.
Best thing I ate: Ice cream sundae with all of my favorite toppings.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Drinks with a friend from out of town, starting my packing list for Italy.
One thing that went unexpected: Ran into someone I went to high school with (whom I hadn't seen since then) a block from my house.
Best part of the day: Waking up and having G tell me that he's finally feeling better! He'd had a bad cold for two weeks (he'd tested negative for Covid twice since we wanted to rule it out) so I was relieved for him. 
What I wore: James Perse jumpsuit (similar here), Birkenstocks.
Best thing I ate: French bread from Petit Trois with their epic salted butter.

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Plans for the day (outside of work): Watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, ordering take-out to enjoy outside.
Best part of the day (so far!): Seeing the drywall go up in our kitchen! Getting to see the progress day in our house is one of the most exhilarating parts of my day (especially when rather large changes take place within a few hours).
What I wore: Reformation dress, Camilla Elphick slides (they just arrived for my Italy tripped and I'm obsessed, similar here).
I'm excited to eat: Joan's Chinese Chicken Salad (one of my favorite salads in L.A.)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.