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Ethnic Embellishment


Neiman Marcus has long been a reputable source for expensive, glamorous clothing. While I worship their high-end collections, the only time I can seriously consider purchasing anything is during the

Last Call

event, in which I join the stampedes of women that flood the store. Thankfully, Neiman Marcus introduced


, that captures a younger demographic with a more contemporary look and feel. Though the pieces are far from inexpensive, the site is easy to navigate and it makes combining separate pieces a cinch. Under the '


' category, there were five options to help further narrow my search, so that when I chose '


,' I pinpointed my favorites immediately. These tribal print dresses sweep the floor with a laid-back elegance and with unassuming flats and single gold cuff, they would rival any mannequin in a Neiman Marcus.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links