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The most comfy-cozy slippers.
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I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of slippers for multiple years now. You'd think it would be relatively easy to find a simple but cute pair, that doesn't look boring and utilitarian, and is comfortable and functional–yet still I came up short in my search. When I came across this pair, it felt like I'd finally found the slippers I'd been envisioning all along. It's such a small thing, but having them has made a huge difference in my comfort during cold weather. Most weekends, I wear the slippers around the house pretty much all day, and I've gotten into the habit of immediately changing into them as soon as I get back from work. I love that they have a rubber sole without looking too unattractive, so I can wear them outside to sit by the fire pit, or get some traction when chasing after Sloan without having to put on a real shoe. They're also available at a great price point, considering what a difference they've made in making the past few chilly nights even cozier. 

Shop the Item Here: Sherpa Slipper, available at Madewell
Price: $50

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.