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Crowdsourcing: The Most Sentimental Piece of Clothing I Own

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I recently, begrudgingly - (my friend Cristina told me it was time) - went through Sloan's closet to separate out what we'd be saving for sentimental purposes versus giving away. I feel far more emotional about Sloan's itty bitty baby clothing than I ever have about my own, but it got me thinking about which pieces I've kept through the years that really matter and mean something to me (more on that below). In addition to sharing my own, I decided to reach out to some of my favorite influencers and friends to hear the sweet stories behind their most prized possessions. 

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I'm a sentimental person, but I don't place much importance on pieces of clothing. Perhaps that speaks to more of my impulsive nature when it comes to buying things (and subsequently cleaning out my closet), but I don't have more than five items in my possession that I've owned for a decade. One of the pieces that I've never been able to part with is a pair of running leggings that I got my freshman year in high school when I ran track. I was a gawky 15-year-old and one of the senior girls on the team, a leggy brunette that every boy was in love with, wore them and they looked so good on her. They weren't nearly as flattering on me, but each time I put them on before practice, they gave me a little boost of confidence. We won the county championship that year. After I'd run my last race, the 4x400, I slipped those on and we jogged around the track together holding our school's banner. I wish I'd held on to my actual jersey from the '70s that had a great retro feel, but it's the leggings that are still tucked in the back of a drawer in my closet. They're comically tight, but I still stuff myself in them every now and again for a brief walk around the neighborhood. 

Favorite T-Shirt.jpg

I'm incredibly sentimental about Los Angeles because it's the place I always dreamed of living and creating a life for myself long before I ever visited for the first time. The first time I came out here was in 2010, and I remember how utterly magical the trip was and how invigorating and hopeful it felt to be on the ground in this city. I was still living in Washington, D.C. then so it was just a vacation to spend time with a friend who lived here. She took me shopping at The Grove, which to this day is one of my favorite places to go despite the busy, over-run-with-tourists, cheese factor because it holds such a fond association with this first trip. We went into the Barney's Co-Op at The Grove, where I couldn't afford anything, so imagine my euphoria when the one item I'd been drawn to and most wanted to buy, happened to be the most inexpensive item in the whole store. (It's by A.P.C. Madras and was something like $46). I was gleeful. This delicately rainbow-striped t-shirt epitomizes my favorite style/aesthetic: California beach and surf culture in the '70s. It has that nostalgic feel of something Marcia Brady would have worn. I snatched it up on the spot, and later that trip wore it with ripped jeans when my friend took me out to Malibu for the first time. We drove through Topanga, visited Pepperdine, and stopped to hang out at Zuma Beach while the sun was setting. I remember walking on the beach in Malibu in that shirt and feeling some serious manifest destiny. It's my dream shirt, and every time I wear it, I'm reminded of my first, very special time in L.A. Now, I live here. 

suzanne hall.png

I have an authentic military peacoat that I can never part ways with. I found it in perfect condition on a fun vintage shopping excursion years ago at a shop in downtown Seattle. I'm a little obsessed with outerwear and there's just something about the symmetry of double-breasted buttons on a menswear inspired coat that I love. The coat came with me on a few adventurous trips to Europe that I'll never forget - keeping me warm on the streets of Paris and along the coast of Ireland. I love wearing it with other substantial pieces like high-waisted denim and a chunky turtleneck or with super-girly pieces like a light floral printed dress.

IMG_2495 (1).jpg

EMILY: The most cherished piece in my closet is a jean jacket that was my Dad's in 5th grade. He painted Fred Flintstone on the back which I think is hilarious! The details of the jacket are incredible from the square the tag created on the back neck to the buckles and dome-shaped rivets at the waist. I love and collect a lot of beautiful denim but this is my most prized and sentimental piece.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.55.29 PM (1).jpg

MERRITT: I cherish this vintage tee with a faded “Bahama Mama” graphic. This belonged to my late husband, Kevin who found it at a flea market when we were only 20. We spent the next 12 years searching for the perfect soft vintage tees, and he soon had an enviable collection. I have fond memories of him wearing it on our honeymoon, on stage singing, and just around the house, happy and healthy. 


These are my Levis cutoffs from High School. They’re perfect, high-waisted with a faded wash. And they still fit me! Every time I put them on I am reminded of being a carefree teenager cruising around LA on my way to Point Dume, listening to 90s hip-hop. 

IMG_8545 (1).jpg

This is the very first piece of jewelry I sketched and had cast. It was such a classic and simple design but quickly became one of our signature pieces. Every time I see it it reminds me to keep it simple and not over think things.

jenny olson.png
Rossini Shirt 2 (1).jpg

One of my favorite items in my wardrobe that also holds a lot of meaning is a t-shirt handed down to me by my mom. I come from a large Italian family that migrated from Lucca in 1910. The t-shirt is from the first family reunion in the U.S., where over 300 people from our family tree gathered in Saint Paul, MN (my hometown) to share stories and enjoy family. Let's just say, there was a lot of ravioli. Besides it reflecting the importance of family, I love the style of this t-shirt. It's authentic to the early '80s and gives off a very "Wet Hot American Summer" vibe. I usually wear it with high-waisted Levis cut-offs, and throw it on to dance on hot summer nights in Brooklyn, where I now live.

sunnie brook jones.png

It had always been a dream to visit the Mayan ruins since I was a little girl. On New Year's Eve, two years ago, my best girlfriend and I went on an incredible trip to Tulum, Mexico. We climbed the highest ruin in the middle of a tropical rain storm and reflected on the previous year and dreams we had for the coming year. It is one of my favorite life memories. A few days later I came across this hand made necklace at a boutique hotel called Coqui Coqui by designer Daniela Bustos. I wear it to dress up a basic Levi's-and-white-T outfit or give a classic black dress some texture. It’s very versatile. When I wear it people always ask me where I got it and it makes me smile to think of the adventure we shared.  

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.