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Comfy vs. Schlumpy


I write a lot of posts about 'comfortable' clothing, since it truly is important that things fit well and feel good against my skin. Despite this, I never want to end up


comfy, as I was told I did this morning when I walked into the office. Yes, I happen to be wearing a sports bra under my long-sleeved shirt, and my sweater more closely resembles a cape than a fitted cardigan, but that was certainly not my intention. I've decided that in order to feel the part, rather than look it, I need to be conscious of too many loose-fitting articles of clothing. Next time I decide to wear my wide-leg pants, I'll be pairing them with something more along the lines of Grace Sun's

Oversized Sweater Cardigan

. Though it's long and cozy, it has intricate features, including front pockets with buttons and ribbed edges so I will no longer be mistaken for someone who forgot to change out of her pajamas.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links