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Color Me Bad


One of my favorite current trends that I've seen just about everywhere is color blocking, the notion of combining multiple hues that you wouldn't normally see paired together. Though Pencey's

Corset Body Minidress

is a fairly simple palette of white, black and beige, the strategic placement of the colors is what sets this piece apart. I love how the black runs along the side of the dress, creating a very slimming silhouette and places the focus on the white corset. The beige, gathered skirt is equally as alluring and is balanced nicely by the zipper that runs down the


of the dress. Since the mannequin's picture is cut off above the knees, I'm at a loss as to what kind of heels I would wear, whether opting for something bright, or ones that would fit in the color block of white, black and beige.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links