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Checklist: Everything You Need to Bring to a Wedding

Keep this list on hand for your next saved date.
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1. A killer dress you feel fantastic in.

2. Your favorite jewelry (like this understated necklace).

3. A really good clutch—either fun or classic!

4. A subtle bottle to keep hydrated (hey, open bar). 

5. Block heels you can dance all night in.

6. An easily accessible pouch to house your touch-up necessities.

7. Stain-removing pen, because wine stains happen. 

8. A rose-tinted luminizer to keep you bright all night.

9. Roller-ball perfume in an alluring scent.

10. Face wipes for touch-ups, when tissues aren't enough for those mascara tears of joy.

11. Band-aids for unexpected spills (and blisters). 

Products in this post may contain affiliate links