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Bright Lights

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I'm a big advocate for incorporating color into my wardrobe, and there's no better time to do so during the warmer months of the year. With summer comes hot nights, tanned skin and lots of outdoor activities, which provides the perfect canvas for painting with vibrant hues. All rules go out the window for so-called clashing combinations, and I've included some my season's favorites. T-Bags is notorious for their intricate patterns and willowy silhouettes and the Off Shoulder Keyhole Dress makes for the perfect transitional outfit into the evening. The elastic banding at the top allows you to wear it around your shoulders and with just a bit of smudged eye liner and some simple gold hoops, this would be an ideal look for after dark. Plus, it's now on sale in four different patterned options down from $202 to $60.60. I'm a big proponent of clothing that can easily transition between seasons. Though I try to adhere to that motto most of the time, I would certainly make an exception for this Diane Von Furstenberg Greenpoint Tunic. The 70's-inspired top, made up of a medley of emerald greens, has such a fantastically airy feel that is simply made for Summer. Though this Chelsea Dress, from Rachel Pally, is exceptionally simple, I just love the tiered hemline and the sunflower color. Since it's so sleek, it would be perfect to accessorize with some turquoise drop earrings and a low-slung purse.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.