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Blue Jean Baby

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You would think that since I majored in Media Studies, I wouldn't be tempted by movies like "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." This is not the case. Luckily, my best friend shares the same affinity for girl bonding movies and she's agreed to accompany me tonight for some popcorn and unrealistic story lines. The notion that these four friends can all squeeze into the same pair of jeans truly behooves me considering my Citizens of Humanity certainly don't have the same kind of stretch. Since I don't plan on sharing my denim, I've found three pairs that fit my criteria for Fall: high-waisted and flared, skinny and dark and loose and distressed.


Grey Ant's high-waisted

Welt Jean

has a sophisticated silhouette that more closely resembles a pair of trousers. The slightly flared legs are sure to make any one's thighs appear smaller by comparison and the fitted waist makes for the perfect canvas to tuck inflowy blouses. Just hold the braids in your hair and fringed bags so you don't look too Flower Child.


When skinny jeans first emerged back on the scene a few years back, I was reluctant to try this unforgiving style due to my rather curvy legs. It wasn't until a stylish friend suggested I look at them more as a pair of comfy leggings instead of like any regular denim. Since then, I've been hooked, and J Brand's

10" Ankle Skinny Stretch Jean

is far and away the best out there. Whether worn with comfy flats on the weekend, sexy pumps at night or tucked neatly into riding boots, they're amazingly versatile and surprisingly comfortable.


Since my boyfriend would probably be creeped out if he found me in a pair of his jeans, Gap's

Long and Lean Jeans

are a fantastic alternative. With gentle distressing at the top and a slim, relaxed fit, I know I'd have a hard time tearing myself out of these. Additionally, for those of you anxious about recreating Katie's new


, these would most definitely suffice.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.