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Blue Crush

An eye catching coverup for any summer suit.
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Growing up, I always looked forward to the start of summer when my mom would take me shopping for a new bathing suit, and if I was lucky, a matching coverup. By high school, my closet was a mess of mismatched bikinis and their corresponding tunics that accurately represented each of my "phases." (I'm fairly certain there's a pink cheetah-print number still in there). 

It wasn't until I was older that I recognized the value of one great coverup I can pull out every summer - interesting enough to be noticed, but able to go with any neutral suit. (I prefer to keep my suits more simple and classic, and show personality with a fun coverup that doubles as clothing). I designed this breezy blue tunic with that in mind, boasting little details like openwork crochet around the hem and a repeating ikat print that can take you from beach to bar. 

blue crush blue tunic hero.jpg

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.