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Blonde Ambition


Blonde LA

is one of those stores to which I dedicate entire Saturday mornings/afternoons. The drive, in itself, takes about 40 minutes (which is embarrassing enough), but then once I arrive, it takes me an absurdly long time to dissect what most would consider to be a tiny store. Thankfully, their website is a great resource, and provides an extensive list of all of the under-the-radar labels that are offered in the store. Though most of the pieces are on the pricier side, one can also stumble across affordable little gems like Indah's

White/Grey Tube Top

, for only $56. I love the sharp contrast in patterns between the white top and the tribal-inspired print beneath. I can imagine wearing this over some jeans at night, swiping on some black eye liner, and throwing on some metallic flats for a low-key, slightly dressed up look. My Saturday morning has officially been planned.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links