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Blaze Ahead

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In the 80's, blazers were reserved for interviews and formal dinners, but they've made an incredible comeback in an entirely fresh way. Gone are the bulky shoulder pads and fabrics that rivaled wallpaper. Instead, they're being paired with the simplest of outfits, like tissue-thin tops and the shortest of skirts. Since I was forced to dispose of many old jackets this weekend in order to fit in my new [read: shared] closet, I've decided that a new blazer would cheer me up stat. Here are a few that I'm contemplating:


For those of us that are still apprehensive about the trend, I think Silence & Noise's

Seamed Blazer

is a wonderful transitional piece. At first glance, it almost looks like a cardigan, but brings a bit of edge with its asymmetrical cut and corduroy-trimmed cuffs.



Lili Marlene jacket

is ridiculously chic in a crisp white. Since it's such a classic menswear shape, I would pair it with a ruffled dress in a blush color (I am also lusting after her white nail polish).


Since nothing creates a more dynamic outfit than the combining of different patterns, this

Striped 3Q Jacket

would look great with a variety of prints. I love how the sleeves can easily be pushed up and I would be sure to pair this blazer with gold cuffs on both wrists. Which is your favorite of the three?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.