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Black Belt

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When it comes to belts, they certainly have other purposes besides just holding up a pair of Levis. They're an excellent way to add a bit of edge to an outfit, either with a low slung, braided belt in the Summer or a more refined, waist-cinching option in the cooler months. Despite the plethora of candy colored choices available now, I like the idea of finding black belts that stand out simply because of their intricate detailing. Linea Pelle's Leather 2 1/2" Contour Waist Belt is simple in its construction with an over sized buckle, but it's the antiqued gold hardware that give it that hand-me-down feel. I love that it's thick, so that when thrown over a white collared shirt, it adds a substantial piece of hardware that also creates a slimming silhouette. I'm not usually one for obvious labels on clothing and accessories, but the double C's of this Chloe Heloise Belt has won my affection. I even like the fact that the size can't be adjusted since it gives the illusion that the belt is custom-fit. It would be perfect for tempering a billowy blouse in a paisley print. I'm crazy about this Studded Double Wrap Leather Belt since it combines two of my current obsessions: studs and layering. As a proud owner of a wrap belt, which I wore several days ago here, they truly add an entirely different dimension to an outfit. I like the stud detailing on this one that isn't overkill thanks to its diminutive width.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.