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Bathing Beauty


I know that it would seem like a larger chest would be preferable in order to better fill out a bikini top, but this is far from the case. As I've complained before, the options out there are far and few between. Yet, every time I see a magazine cover claiming to have found the 'best bikinis for every body,' I snatch it up immediately. There are pages dedicated to girls with smaller breasts, boyish silhouettes, pear shapes, full-figures and lastly, big busts. Sadly, the suggestions are pathetic, either showcasing hideous tankinis, one pieces, or tunics over what appear to be wet suits beneath. After a friend (who also happens to have a large chest) informed me about the newly sized bikini tops at Gap, I fell in love with their

Striped Seersucker Bandeau

. It's very Blair Waldorf, with preppy green stripes and matching buttons, but in sizes that go up to XL, I won't end up giving anyone a show when jumping into the pool.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links