All That Glitters

A sequined dress that's meant for the holidays.
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In the past, I've been careful to add glitter to outfits in small doses—a manicure here, a shimmery eye shadow there—but I actually love that there's nothing subtle about this dress. The tight-knit sequins have such a uniquely beautiful sheen that looks at moments purple, then gold (for the record, they're actually gold but look purple when they catch the light!). It's also one of the most flattering dresses I've ever worn—it hits at the perfect length to elongate my legs and cinches just enough at the waist for an hourglass silhouette. While we have fun daytime plans for our company's annual holiday party today, this dress was enough to make me seriously consider hosting it at a glitzy cocktail lounge, though I'm sure I'll find multiple excuses to wear it before the year's over.