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Alina's Loving Now: Things with Rings

A weekly list of what our Editorial Director is currently coveting.
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Lately I've been into a trend I'm calling "things with rings." Whether gold, silver, or rose gold; and whether purely decorative or attractively functional by holding together two panels of a skirt or serving as the handles of a purse, a metallic ring adds a touch of sleek glamor and edgy interest to even the simplest of items. A plain black dress, understated shoe, or basic trouser is completely transformed with the addition of one, two, or a few silver rings—don't believe me? Just check out the pieces below, all of which I selected to exemplify why I'm loving this look so much right now. 

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A cute, '70s-inspired shoulder bag that I bought from Zara back in July—the origin of my obsession with things with rings. Options for you to shop, below! 

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Market Roundup for Rings with numbers.png

1. D-Ring Cold Shoulder Dress ($75)
2. Rockwell Mini Purse ($295)
3. Buckled Block Heel Shoes ($49)
4. Belted Wrap Midi Skirt ($92)
5. Ribbed Tunic with Buckle ($78)
6. Tape Airtex Skirt (on sale for $35)
7. Buckle Wrap Skirt ($59)
8. Suede Lace-Up Skirt ($395)
9. Buckle Boot with Round Heel ($146)
10. Norma Eyelet Mules ($100)
11. Leather Flap Bag ($59)
12. Suede "City" Bag with Ring ($99)
13. Short Waistcoat with Buckle ($99)
14. Cotton Trousers with Buckle ($69)
15. Buckled High Heel Shoe ($89)
16. Blush Clutch ($875)
17. Faux Leather Shoulder Bag ($24)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.