Alina's Loving Now: Layering Camis

How to wear spaghetti straps in the winter.
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As I've documented so far in this series, the vast majority of what I'm "into" comes from stimulus–I'm an extremely visual person and get inspired by what I observe and like, whether on Instagram, while shopping, or just out and about in the world. Usually, there's a direct source I can point to, but every now and then, I get struck by a bug seemingly out of nowhere. They're definitely not things I'm claiming to invent or be new–it could be a sudden obsession with black turtlenecks, a color pairing (burgundy and blue), or something as simple as white tees with denim. Someone wise once said "nothing is original," and I'm sure it's a result of layers of subliminal advertising, but in my conscious mind it's like I just wake up and love something. That's me right now with tissue-thin long-sleeved layers and spaghetti-strap tops and dresses. It happened when I first laid eyes on this leather dress and then the other day, I realized I could repurpose a favorite metallic top I normally wear with bare skin in the summer with the same formula. For it to work, the bottom layer should be pretty thin–whether a ribbed shirt, body suit, or turtleneck–and the top layer should have cami-style straps (versus something like a shell top). Additionally, for this time of year you want the top layer to be seasonally textured: silky lace, buttery (faux) leather, rich velvet, or festive metallic. Happy layering! 

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I bought this gold leather cami from Zara over the summer, which I'd wear with tan skin, black denim cut-offs, and my natural curly hair for nights out. It only recently occurred to me to throw it over a thin black turtleneck and cropped pants for work this winter (I just realized my cami, pants, and mules are all Zara in this outfit). I'd also pair it with a leather mini and heels for Friday night. Below are some cute combos I put together for your shopping pleasure! 

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1. Cupcakes and Cashmere Striped Turtleneck ($85)
2. Faux Leather Mini (on sale, $27)
3. Ribbed Cotton Sweater ($39)
4. Mini Cami Dress ($39)
5. Stretch Turtleneck ($35)
6. Rose Satin Camisole (on sale, $195)
7. White Body Suit ($145)
8. Velvet Cami ($275)
9. Ribbed Merino Sweater ($310)
10. Lace Cami ($29)