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A Wallet to Clutch


I've been carrying a large, HOBO wallet for several years now and love how the dark brown leather has only gotten better with age. Ironically enough, it was my friend, Rachel, who introduced me to Hobo's


wallet, with which I'm currently enamored. It has the same classic look as mine, with a simple clasp opening and zippered compartments that offer tons of storage, but in a much less bulky version. It even has a tiny mirror that slips into a sleek pocket for those awkward times when you know there's definitely something resting comfortably between your two front teeth. The most convenient part of this wallet, that can double as a clutch, is the transparent pocket for your driver's licence so not only is your embarrassing picture somewhat obscured, but you also won't have to go digging to pull it out every time you buy alcohol.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links