A Simple Way to Make Your Jewelry Shine (That Has Nothing to Do with Cleaning It)

Plus the prettiest white romper.
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As soon as I began investing in fine jewelry in my twenties (this is the first piece I bought myself), I also began subconsciously purchasing more clothing that highlighted the "statement necklaces," then delicate gold layering necklaces, chunky bracelets, earrings, and rings I added to my wardrobe with each passing year. These days, the decision to wear clothes that emphasize my jewelry is much more deliberate, and I've found that the most effective canvas for making jewelry "pop" is a white background, like this monochromatic jumpsuit (also available in a pretty blue). In this case, I decided to move away from the obvious choice of adding necklaces to the v-neck, and let my bracelets speak for themselves against the simple, adjustable bow-tie sleeves.