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7 Easy Essentials for Transitioning Out of Sweats Back Into "Real Clothes"

Somewhere between pajamas and tight jeans.
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I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself when I admit that I've already started considering how I'll transition my "at home" outfits back into the real world, once things start to open back up again. There are items in my closet that seem to mock me, and I genuinely wonder if I'll ever go back to them: outrageously high heels, tight jeans, slinky dresses. At the same time, I know I can't live in sweats forever. (Right?) As a result, I've found myself gravitating toward in-betweens that feel as comfortable as pajamas, but look much chicer, like a linen matching set or a breezy dress with sneakers and a trench. Below, I've rounded up seven essentials I'll be mixing and matching from to create no-brainer outfits that make the transition out of the house just a bit more feasible:

1. Matching Set. A matching linen set with slides and a trench is my go-to uniform when I want to look great, but don't have the energy to put together an outfit. My pick: Rachel Pally Keith Top ($136) and Tatum Pant ($189)

2. Midi Dress. A midi dress with sneakers and a denim jacket or cardigan is as L.A. as it gets, with good reason. It's comfortable, even in the heat of the summer, and a perfect application of high/low dressingMy pick: Faithful the Brand ($298)

3. Cropped Cardigan. Throw it on over (not too tight) jeans, with a simple white tee and sneakers, and you're ready for almost anything the day throws at you. My pick: Madewell Cropped Cardigan ($98)

4. Chic Jumpsuit. Like a matching set, the appeal of a jumpsuit comes from the fact that it's an all-in-one outfit. I love a tailored, neutral option that can be dressed up or down. My pick: James Perse Linen Jumpsuit ($295)

5. Neutral Kicks. Every woman should own a good pair of neutral sneakers—they look just as good with leggings on a Saturday market trip as they do with a midi dress or jumpsuit. My pick: Nike Air Max 270 in 'White Desert' ($150)

6. Oversized Trench. Until summer is in full effect, you can't go wrong with an oversized trench, which adds a bit of interest to any outfit. Try it instead of a sweater or denim jacket to create a well-layered look. My pick: Asos Luxe Trench in 'Cream' ($111)

7. Striped Tee. A timeless classic that looks good with any pair of jeans, and the trench if there's a chill in the air. My pick: J.Crew Striped Boat Neck Tee ($40)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.