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5 Comfy Work from Home Outfit Ideas That *Feel* Like Pajamas

Bring on the flowy dresses and easy, breezy shorts...

Now that we're approaching day one million of sheltering in place, our team is finally beginning to warm up to the idea of ditching the daily sweats and slipping into something a little less comfortable. Let's just say: We've been seeing more blouses and fewer sweatshirts on our daily video calls lately... 

We rounded up five work-from-home outfit ideas to ease out of pajamas and into "real clothes" (if you want to—a few of us are still actively, passionately Team Sweats!). The outfits below aren't pajamas, but come pretty close. They're nearly as easy to move around in and breathable. We intentionally created looks you can shop from your own closet, but have included links to some of our recent favorite pieces: 

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Free People Saturday Morning Crop ($38) + MOTHER Cut-Offs ($218) + Birkenstock Sandals ($150): The longer cut-off trend inspired this entire post—and is what first got at least one of us out of our leggings. They qualify as "real" clothes, but the length makes them far more comfortable than shorter cut-offs and they're so easy to pull on with any plain white tee or tank (though the buttons on this one make it a little more special!). Pair them with these Western-inspired Birkenstocks

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BP White Bodysuit ($8, on sale) + FARM Rio Garden Mix Wrap Skirt ($96, on sale) + Dolce Vita Slides ($48, on sale): This is exactly what we reach for when we need a mood booster—a colorful skirt that moves with you, and simple shoes that go with everything. 

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Song of Style Shirt Dress ($165) + DL1961 Classic Jean Jacket ($199) + Nike Blazer Sneakers ($49, on sale): The next comfiest thing to the shirt you slept in is a t-shirt dress. Pair it with slides or sneakers, and throw on a denim jacket right before your Zoom calls (the structured lines of the jacket look professional on screen) and give the illusion that you're planning on leaving the house someday...


Lett Vienna Top ($68) + Zelle Leggings ($42, on sale) + Madewell Gold Disc Necklace ($19, on sale): Does athleisure count as pajamas? It definitely skirts the line, but the deciding vote is made by whatever you wear on top. You can feel pretty close to pulled together in leggings, as long as you're wearing a structured top like this one with a necklace to finish the look. 

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English Factory Dress ($70) + Madewell ID Bracelet ($19, on sale) + Ugg Slippers ($90): It's hard to go wrong with a white dress with structured sleeves—it's comfortable enough to hang around the house in all day, but the sleeves bring it up a notch for video calls. And slippers because... who will know? (Consider these, if you're really ready to invest in your slipper game.)

P.S. Looking for more? We've added an "in our carts" section to the homepage we'll be adding to every week with the actual items our team is considering! The linked image below will bring you there.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.