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Wildflower Burlap Bouquets

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In an ideal world, I'd have exquisite floral arrangements in every corner of my house. But since that's not exactly practical, I like to switch things up by discovering new flowers and pairing them in unique ways. I love a wildflower-inspired bouquet and for a little twist, I used different sized jars and wrapped them in burlap to create several smaller, cohesive arrangements. I lined them along the center of my table for a recent dinner party, but it could work just as well for a Mother's Day brunch, graduation lunch, or a simple summer get-together. Here's how I made them.


I first selected a bouquet of wildflowers that were all in the same color family. This is key to making the arrangements look imperfect, yet still purposeful. It's also nice to have some different elements as part of the arrangement, like sharp thistle, which gives them all an unexpected twist. Then trim them so they're all the same length.


Taking a square of burlap, I wrapped five jars. Make sure to leave an extra 2-3 inches at the top in order for you to have enough room to cover the entire jar. Secure the burlap on the jar with a natural twine, keeping in line with the rustic feel.


Tie the twine in a bow and then take some scissors and cut off some of the excess burlap. I also rounded all of the points so it they didn't look as severe.


Arrange the flowers in each of the jars, making sure they all look full and balanced.


The end result looks rustic and pretty, without being too precious.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.