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Watercolor Drink Tags

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I loved the personalized name tags from my bridal shower so much that I asked Rachel if she'd be so kind to provide the tutorial for how they were made. Here are her steps, as well as a template so that you can make them at home! Name tags for drinks are so useful at a party. They instantly make the guests feel expected and personally welcomed and they make it easy to keep the drinks straight as everyone mingles and moves around the room. Supplies: Watercolor paper (I like to use these watercolor postcards because they're easy to work with) Watercolor paint Paintbrush Scissors Printer (alternately, you could just trace the bottom of your champagne flutes and freehand it) Pen in your desired color.


1. Paint your paper. Add a thin line of paint to one edge of the paper and then gently dilute it out by streaking water across the paper. You don't want to do this too evenly, or you won't see the lovely streaks and blooms the watercolor creates. Set your paper aside to dry fully and if it looks warped press it under a stack of heavy books for a day or two.


2. Run your paper through your printer (this works best if you have a printer with a rear feeding back tray) using the template. I've included both a letter size and 5x7" template (here and here), so use whatever works for your paper.


3. Cut out the larger circle, going slightly within the line so that no black lines show on your tags. Cut a slit straight through to the center and then cut out the smaller circle.


4. Write your guests' names on the tags, using a pen that coordinates with your colors.


5. Slip the tags on the stems of your glasses (that's why you need the slit!) and set them out for your guests.


Thank you Rachel for your tips and beautiful pictures!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.