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Tote Bag DIY

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Our entryway closet is filled with unfortunate-looking, small tote bags that I've typically received as part of some "added value" purchase. You could say I unintentionally collect them, but since they're so useful, I can never bring myself to get rid of them. I go to the farmers' market every Sunday and the bags I lug around can hold approximately two pieces of fruit, so I wanted to find a better; more stylish option, without having to spend a lot of money. I found a plain, sturdy tote at my local art store for $5 and decided to dress it up with racing stripes and my initials using fabric paint. As far as DIY projects go, this one was simple, quick, and affordable, ideal components for making this as a holiday gift for friends. Here's how I did it:


 Items needed: tote bag, fabric paint, brush, stencil board, printed initials, x-acto knife, tape, and scissors.


Start by taping off and painting the center racing stripe. I made mine about 3 inches wide and used white paint.


After the middle stripe dries, tape off and paint the two outer stripes (I used a yellow and navy paint and made them about 2 inches wide).



To make the stencil, print out initials (I used the font Arapey in size 200pt) and using the x-acto knife, place the letters on top of the stencil board and cut out their shape.


Center the initials in the middle racing stripe and paint.




Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.