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DIY Dipped Terracotta Wine Chiller

Keep your wine cool in style.

Terracotta is like the kid who came back after middle school summer break as a whole new person. All of a sudden, (she's?) it's everywhere, looking good, and you’re loving it. Or maybe I should just speak for myself here? Totally not weird or anything...

Either way, these DIY terracotta wine chillers are bound to impress. They’re inexpensive to make, easy-peasy to customize, and have a hidden talent: terracotta just so happens to hold temperature. You can use it the same way you would use a marble wine chiller or ice bucket. Can we say double win? Science, you guys, it’s a beautiful DIY thing…

xo, Ashley Rose, Sugar and Cloth

"Dipped" Terracotta Wine Chillers


You will need:
Terracotta planters (we used this one, but you could also use a flower box for multiple wine bottles, or beer)
Paint colors of your choice
Painter’s tape
Paint brush or foam brush


Because I’m a big fan of the “double the fun” motto, I used two terracotta planters for this project—one as an ice bucket (unglazed terracotta is food safe!), and one as a wine chiller.

To add a little color punch, tape off an even line with painter’s tape about a third of the way up the pot. Then, using a foam brush, paint the color of your choice onto each planter.

Allow them to dry, then remove the tape—it's that easy! Plus you can always use them as actual planters if you decide you've had enough rosé this summer (so, never?). 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.