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Stationery Specifics

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When I graduated from college, my dad gave me a beautiful set of personalized stationery. It came in a dark green box with cream-colored notes that had my full name written across the top. It was one of the sweetest gifts I'd ever received and it marked the first time I truly felt like an adult. I still have the box tucked away in my closet - with just a few cards left. I don't know if I'll ever bring myself to use the last one, especially since I'll be changing my name (though not professionally) in just a few short weeks. Beyond personalized notes though, it's fair to say that I have an obsession with all things related to paper, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite stationery-related items that I use most frequently.


Good paper (plus matching envelopes). It seems rather obvious, but I always make sure to have several sizes and colors of paper lying around so I can make cards instead of buying them. I recently purchased this double loop punch to make ordinary paper look really special (as seen above).


Glitter. I use this set for nearly everything - finger nails, cards, you name it.


Glue pen. The perfect way to use said glitter to write sweet sayings with sparkle.


Decorative paper. I use this for wrapping small gifts or for lining plain envelopes - the easiest way to make a big impact. Simply trace the outside of the envelope on the backside of the paper you want to use and cut it out (make sure to leave a little room on the sides and along the top, so you can still seal it closed).


Stamps. These bring back memories from childhood, but now I opt for quirky characters (like this orange lobster) to dress up neutral card stock.


Finished cards for spring.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.