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Framed Leaf DIY

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Plants can bring life to a space, and while we have some well-loved ones throughout our home, we wanted some greenery in the office. But, because of the limited floor space, it could be overwhelming to dedicate an entire corner to a potted plant. So, we came up with an easy solution that feels equally beautiful without having to give up precious real estate. Here are the simple – yet transformative – steps to make a framed leaf DIY.


Step 1: Know your frame size before you head out to find your plant fronds. The frame we used is 16 x 16 so I kept that in mind while looking for leaves. Pick firmer leaves because soft ones tend to turn yellow more quickly.

Step 2: Sandwich your leaves between parchment paper and place heavy books (the heavier the better) on top to press the leaves down. The fronds should be completely covered.

Step 3: Scatter silica packs onto the parchment paper and around the books since they help keep the leaves from turning brown. We bought silica packs from Amazon, but you can also use rice (it's just a bit messier). Leave the fronds under their books for about a week – we left them for five days – checking on them occasionally to make sure they've flattened correctly and are maintaining their green color.

Before and After Pressing

Before and After Pressing


Step 4: After two weeks of pressing, take leaves to a well ventilated area and spray them with strong-hold hairspray. Spray two to three coats until the leaves look shiny.

Step 5: These frames didn't come with white matting so I cut matte poster board to fit the size of the glass and act as the backdrop. If at any point you find that your leaves are browning or yellowing, you can simply switch them out.  


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.