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Ombre Picnic Utensils

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Outdoor entertaining should be simple, casual and convenient, so I made little sets of ombré-painted utensils wrapped in napkins (that I keep corralled in a basket in the kitchen) so I can easily grab them when we're eating dinner outside or to a picnic at the park. It's one less thing to think about and adds just a slightly elevated touch to even the most basic of meals. 


Items You'll Need

- One pack of plain plastic utensils

- Acrylic paint in the same color family

- Paintbrush

- Neon string

- One packet of napkins


1. I mixed white with a neon pink to make three different shades of pink. 

2. Wrap tape around the utensils as a marker making sure the tape is placed in the same place for each utensil.

3. Paint both sides of the utensils in each group one of three colors.

4. Let dry for 2 hours on a paper towel.

5. Pull back tape to reveal a straight color block effect. To scratch off excess paint use an x-acto knife.


p.s. Our outdoor plates.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links