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Outdoor Summer Plate DIY

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Entertaining is at its best on warm, summer nights. We keep our meals simple and whenever the weather's nice, we throw a few large blankets on the front lawn and eat outside. Since I don't love the idea of bringing our nice plates out on the grass, I bought some more durable ones recently that I customized with a cheeky print to embrace outdoor entertaining. Here's how I made them in a few simple steps.


Things you need:

Oven-safe outdoor plates (I got these from Falcon). 

A sharp pencil or another tool with a sharp point. 

DecoColor Fine Line Paint Marker.


Step 1: Use your paint marker to draw three separate parts of your ant. 

Step 2: Drag the paint that has pooled to connect the three dots to create the body of your ant.  


Step 3: Working quickly before your paint dries, pull the paint out to draw the legs and antenna. Repeat in a scattered, random pattern on other parts of the plate.

Step 4: Put the enamel plates into a 350 degree oven for thirty minutes to make your plates dishwasher-safe.  


Products in this post may contain affiliate links